API5L Steel Pipe

API5L Steel Pipe

Material and Standard
Material Grade GR.A, GA.B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X70, J-55, K55, N-80, L245, L360, L415
Standard ASTM A53, ASTM A106, API 5L, DIN1626, JISG3452, JSSG3457
PSL1 PSL2 Special Type(CO2)
Normal Service Condition Off Shore Service Condition Sour Service Condition
B/L245 BN(R)/L245N(R) BN(Q)O/L245N(Q)O BN(Q)/L245N(Q)O L245S/O
X42/290 X42N(R)/L290 N(R) X42N(Q)O/L290 N(Q)O X42N(Q)S/L290 N(Q)S L290S/O
X46/320 X46N/L320N X46N O /L320N O X46N S /L320N S L320S/O
X52/L360 X52N(Q)/L360N(Q) X52N(Q) O /L360N(Q) O X52N(Q) S /L360N(Q) S L360S/O
X56/L390 X56N(Q)/L390N(Q) X56N(Q) O /L390N(Q) O X56N(Q) S /L390N(Q) S L390S/O
X60/L415 X60Q/L415Q X60Q O /L415Q O X60Q S /L415Q S L415S/O
X65/L450 X65Q/L450Q X65Q O /L450Q O X65Q S /L450Q S L450S/O
X70/L485 X70Q/L485Q X70Q O /L485Q O X70Q S /L485Q S L485S/O
Product Information
External Diameter 32mm-3000mm
Wall Thickness 3mm- 25mm
Length 6m-12m
Packing Mode hexagonal bundle tied with steel strip and fitted with plastic cap or according to customers' requirements
Surface Treatment black varnish, anticorrosion oil, galvanization or by conforming to the needs of customers

Application Range
The API5L steel pipe is basically applied for conveying gas, water and oil in petroleum and natural gas industries. 

Product Name
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