Coal Tar Epoxy Coating Anti-Corrosion Steel Pipe

The coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion coating of the steel pipe is made up by modified epoxy resin, polyamide resin, coal tar pitch, pigment and filler as well as auxiliary. The coating of the product is robust and has strong adhesive power, good resistance to chemical medium corrosion, outstanding waterproof performance and antimicrobial erosion.

Material Model Executive Standard Applicable Range Type
Q195-235, 20#, Q345 (B, C), L175-L555(A and B Level, X42-X80), J55, K55, N80, L80 89-1020 GB/T3091-2008 The product is used for machining and as the fluid tube, structural tube as well as transmission tube for oil and natural gas. Longitudinal Welded Type
219-3000 GB/T5037-2008 Spiral Type

Structure of the Anticorrosion Coating
The coal tar epoxy coating anti-corrosion steel pipe exploits the two-component room temperature curable coating and uses the glass fiber fabric on the surface of the steel tube as strengthening coating. The coal tar epoxy anticorrosion coating is classified into the common level, strengthening level (one layer of glass fiber fabric and three layers of the anticorrosion coating) and the special strengthening level (two layers of glass fiber fabric and four layers of anticorrosion coating).

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