High Density Epoxy Coating Anticorrosion Steel Pipe

Our high density epoxy coating anticorrosion steel pipe has a wide utilization in petroleum, chemical engineering, natural gas, hydraulic power plant, sewage disposal, bridge piling, steel structure pillar, etc.

The epoxy powder that our product adopts is a kind of thermosetting and non-toxic paint. After curing, it can form the high molecular weight crosslinking structure coating which owns the features covering excellent chemical corrosion resistance and high mechanical property, especially outstanding abrasion resistance and adhesion power. This kind of paint is 100% solid with no solvent and pollution. Its powder using efficiency can be up to 95%. The anticorrosion coating is ideal for buried steel tube.

Specification and Material
Specification (mm) 377, 406, 426, 457, 508, 569, 610, 630, 660, 711, 720, 820, 1020, 1220, 1420, 1820
Material Q195-235, 20#, Q345 (B, C), L175-L555(A and B Level, X42-X80), J55, K55, N80, L80
Standard SY/T0315-1997 (Steel Tube Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder External Coating Technical Standard)

FBE Epoxy Powder Anticorrosion Structure
The high density epoxy coating anticorrosion steel pipe is sprayed with epoxy powder on its surface via electrostatic spraying technology. The film is formed at one time. The spraying operation is simple. The coating has no pollution, good impact and bending resistance, high temperature resistance, and more.

Product Usage
1. The high density epoxy coating anticorrosion steel pipe is applied in the Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge Engineering successfully. It sets a precedent for the application of fusion bonded epoxy powder coating technology in the external corrosion protection of large diameter steel tube pile.

2. The fusion bonded epoxy powder coating for large diameter steel tube pile realizes the industrialization and automation. It keeps away from the artificial and weather factors to make the one-time qualified rate of the coating quality get to 100%. Such coating process is superior to other kinds obviously

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