2PE Anticorrosion Steel Pipe

The 2PE anticorrosion steel pipe is provided with two-layer PE anticorrosion structure with the first layer of adhesive and the second layer of polyethylene. Those two kinds of materials inosculate as a whole. The thickness of each layer is the same as that of 3PE product. The thickness of the adhesive layer and PE layer is 170 to 250μm and 2.5 to 3.7mm respectively.

Material Q235, Q345B, L245, L290, L360, L450, X42, X52, X60, X65, X70, X80
Diameter 15-1240 mm (SSAW /LSAW)
Length 12m or Specified Length
Wall Thickness 1-18 mm
Applicable Range petroleum, chemical engineering, natural gas, hydraulic power plant, sewage disposal, bridge piling, steel structure pillar, etc.
Executive Standard DIN30670, DIN30671, SY/T0413-2002, SY/T0315-97
Performance Index of Anticcorosion Coating
No. Item Performance Index Test Method
Two Layers Three Layers
1 Peeling Strength (N/cm)
2 Cathodic Disbonding (mm) (60℃, 4h) ≤15 ≤10 SY/T4013
3 Impact Strength (J/mm) ≥5 DIN30670
4 Bend Resistance (2.5°) no cracking of PE SY/T4013
5 Pinhole Leak Detection (25KV) no leakage DIN30670
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