Carbon Steel Pipe

Carbon Steel Pipe

The carbon steel is the iron-carbon alloy in which the mass fraction of C ranges from 0.2% to 2.06% and there are some impurities such as Si, Mn, P, S, etc. The carbon steel pipe can be applied in many areas for boiler, nuclear power, machinery, aviation, petroleum, chemical engineering, construction, and more.

Product Information
External Diameter 219-3600mm 57-1422mm
Wall Thickness 6-32mm 3.5-50mm
Length 12m or depending on the needs of customers 6-12m or in accordance with the needs of customers
Packing Mode plastic caps at two ends and hexagonal bundle tied with steel strip or in line with the requirements of customers
Surface Treatment black varnish, anticorrosion oil, galvanization or according to the needs of customers
Material and Chemical Composition of Structural Product
Material Grade Material Level Chemical Composition (Mass Fraction) (%) Method of Deoxidation
C Mn Si S P
Q195   0.06-0.12 0.25-0.50 0.30 0.050 0.045 F, b, Z
Q215 A 0.09-0.15 0.25-0.55 0.30 0.050 0.045 F, b, Z
B 0.045
Q235 A 0.14-0.22 0.30-0.65 0.30 0.050 0.045 F, b, Z
B 0.12-0.20 0.30-0.70 0.045
C ≤0.18 0.35-0.80 0.040 0.040 Z
D ≤0.17 0.035 0.035 TZ
Q255 A 0.18-0.28 0.40-0.70 0.30 0.050 0.045 Z
B 0.045
Q275   0.28-0.38 0.50-0.80 0.35 0.050 0.045 Z

Note: F means the rimmed steel. b means the semikilled steel. The Z signifies the killed steel. And the TZ represents the special killed steel.
① The upper limit of the Mn content in the rimmed steel of the Q235 level A and level B structural steel tube is 0.60%.
② The Si content in the rimmed steel and semikilled steel is no greater than 0.07% and 0.17% respectively. The limiting value for the Si content in the killed steel is 0.12%.

Different Standard
Type of Steel Chinese Standard (GB) JIS ASTM DIN
Grade Grade Standard No. Steel Grade Steel Grade Material No. Standard No.
Carbon Steel Tube (Q235) GGP STPY41 G3452 G3457 (A53-F) A283-D (St33) 1.0033 DIN1626
10 STPG38 G3454 A135-A A53-A (St37) 1.0110 DIN1626
STPG38 G3456 A106-A St37-2 1.0112 DIN17175
STS38 G3455   St35.8 St35.4 1.0305 1.0309 DIN1629/4
STB30 G3461 A179-C A214-C St35.8 1.0305 DIN17175
STB33 G3461 A192 A226 St35.8 1.0305 DIN17175
STB35 G3461   St35.8 1.0305 DIN17175
20 STPG42 G3454 A315-B A53-B (St42) St42-2 1.0130 1.0132 DIN1626
STPT42 G3456 A106-B St45-8 1.0405 DIN17175
STB42 G3461 A106-B St45-8 1.0405 DIN17175
STS42 G3455 A178-C A210-A-1 St45-4 1.0309 DIN1629/4 

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