1. Bend Pipe The bend pipe is bent through the whole set of bending mould. The production process is divided into the cold heat and hot pushing. Most of the equipment and pipelines need to use the product mainly for delivering oil, gas, liquid, etc. The
    1. Pipe Gasket The pipe gasket is placed between two planes for strengthening the seal effect. It is the sealing element put between two sealing surfaces for avoiding fluid leakage. Specification Flexible Graphite and Metal Spiral Wound Type Steel Grooved
    1. ValveThe valve is applied in the fluid system for controlling the direction, pressure and flow of the fluid. It can control the medium such as liquid, gas and powder in the piping and equipment to flow or stop flowing. Nominal Dimension DN 6, DN
    1. Pipe Reducer As one of the chemical tube fittings, the pipe reducer is for connecting two tubes of different diameters. The generally used forming process is reducing pressing, expanding pressing or reducing plus expanding pressing. For the product of s
    1. Pipe Cap The pipe cap also belongs to the industrial tube fittings. It is welded onto the tube end or mounted by matching the external thread on the tube end to cover up the tube. The product is as same as the head plug for sealing the pipeline. In
    1. Cross Pipe The cross pipe is applied at the pipeline branch place. It has the equal type and reducing type. The ends of the nozzle of the equal type product have same size. While the main nozzles of the reducing type product are the same in size but l
    1. Tee Pipe The tee pipe is a kind of tube fittings. Its connecting form is butt welding with steel tube. Divided according to the diameter, the product has the equal type and reducing type. The equal type product looks nice, has smooth surface and is
    1. Flange The product is suitable for steel pipeline connection with the nominal pressure no more than 2.5MPa. Its sealing face can be fabricated into smooth type, male and female type as well as the tongue-and-groove type. The smooth sealing face pr
    1. Pipe ElbowThe pipe elbow is a kind of frequently used connecting tube fitting in tube laying. It can connect two tubes with same or different nominal diameters. Then, the pipeline can make a turn with certain angle. The running direction of the pipeline is chan

Pipe Fittings

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