1. Polyurethane/ PU Foam Insulating PipePolyurethane/ PU Foam Insulating Pipe Specification Type LSAW Type External Diameter 219-1422mm Wall Thickness 6mm-60mm Length sizing or according to the needs of customers Material X42-X80, L245, Q235 Standard API 5L, ASTM, DIN, GB, API 5L
    1. Prefabricated Directly Buried Insulating PipePrefabricated Directly Buried Insulating Pipe The prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe is composed of steel tube, glass reinforced plastic inner sheath and glass reinforced plastic shell. It also contains high temperature resistant
    1. Steel Jacket Heat Preservation PipeSteel Jacket Heat Preservation Pipe The steel jacket embedding technology is a whole new type tube burying way, featuring water proofing, leakage control, anti permeability, pressure resistance and whole sealing. The steel jacket heat prese
    1. Steel Composite Thermal Insulated Pipe

Thermal Insulated Pipe

The thermal insulated pipe can ensure the temperature inside of the working steel tube and surface temperature in different working environments. It takes the thermal insulated anticorrosion measures to slow down or prevent the corrosion or metamorphism arising from the chemical and electrochemical action of external medium or metabolic activity of microbe.

1. The thermal insulated pipe has good thermal insulation property. The heat loss is only 25% of that of traditional tube. The product can help to economize a great deal of energy and significantly reduce the energy cost in long term operation.

2. It is provided with very strong waterproof and corrosion resistance capability. The product can be buried underground or in water directly without setting up the tube trench. The construction can be completed easily and quickly with low comprehensive cost.

3. The product also shows good resistance to corrosion and impact in low temperature conditions. It can be directly buried in underground frozen soil.

4. The service lifetime of the thermal insulated pipe can be as long as 30 to 50 years. The correct installation and use can minimize the maintenance cost for the pipeline network.

5. The alarm system can be set to automatically detect the leakage fault of pipeline network, indicate the fault location correctly and alarm automatically.

Thermal Insulation Layer Structure Profile View of Thermal Insulated Tube The Thermal Insulated Tube to be Delivered
Thermal Insulated Tube in Warehouse Cross Section of Thermal Insulated Tube

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