Prefabricated Directly Buried Insulating Pipe

Prefabricated Directly Buried Insulating Pipe

The prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe is composed of steel tube, glass reinforced plastic inner sheath and glass reinforced plastic shell. It also contains high temperature resistant thermal insulation layer, lubricating layer and elastic seal. The utility novel product settles the problems relating to thermal insulation, sliding lubrication and water proofing of bare tube end during 130℃ to 600℃ high temperature heat delivery in urban central heat supply.

Specification of Steel Tube Specification of Outer Sleeve Thickness of Thermal Insulation Layer Length
DN60×3.0 DN125×2.5 30.0 6
DN76×3.0 DN140×3.0 29.5 6
DN89×4.0 DN160×3.0 32.5 6
DN114×4.0 DN200×3.3 39.8 6
DN140×4.5 DN225×3.5 39.0 6
DN165×4.5 DN250×3.9 38.6 12
DN219×6.0 DN315×4.9 43.1 12
DN273×6.0 DN365×5.6 40.4 12
DN325×7.0 DN420×7.0 40.5 12
DN377×7.0 DN500×7.8 53.7 12
DN426×7.0 DN550×8.8 53.2 12
DN478×7.0 DN600×8.8 52.2 12
DN529×8.0 DN655×9.8 53.2 12
DN630×8.0 DN760×11 53.9 12
DN720×9.0 DN850×12 53.0 12
DN820×10.0 DN960×13 57.0 12
DN920×10.0 DN1054×14 53.0 12
DN1020×12 DN1155×14 53.5 12
DN1220×12 DN1380×15 65.0 12

The high temperature prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe features good thermal insulating performance, high security, reliability and low construction cost. It is good for delivering all kinds of medium within the temperature range of -50℃ to 150℃. The product is widely applied in the transport network for liquid and gas, insulation work concerning warm room, refrigerator, coal mine, petroleum and chemical engineering, centralized heat supply network, central air conditioning duct, municipal engineering, etc.

The high temperature prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe is primarily composed of four parts.
1. Working steel tube. In terms of the technical requirements of transporting medium, the welded steel tube, seamless steel tube and double spiral submerged arc welding steel tube are employed separately.
2. Thermal insulation layer. Its material is rigid PU foam.
3. Protective shell. The high density polyethylene or glass reinforced plastic is adopted.
4. Leakage alarm line. During the production process of the product, the alarm line is inbuilt in the thermal insulation layer near the steel tube. Once there comes out the leakage, through the conduction of the alarm line, the special detecting instrument would raise the alarm as well as display the accurate position and the degree of water leakage. Then, the maintainer can handle the leaky tube part quickly to ensure safe operation of the heat supply network.

Prominent Advantages Compared with Conventional Tube Insulation Way
1. The prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe can be buried underground directly with no need for building large trench. Accordingly, it reduces the project land occupation greatly and facilitates environmental protection. Meanwhile, the product is conducive to decreasing the earthwork excavated volume by more than 50% or so as well as lessening the civil masonry and concrete quantity by 90%. The construction and field ditching can be carried out at the same time. There just needs the field tube end connecting. The construction period can be shortened by about 50% above.

2. Better thermal insulation performance. The heat loss of the product is only 25% of that of traditional tube material. The economical effect can be remarkable in long term operation by decreasing the energy cost significantly.

3. The prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe is much more brilliant in waterproof and corrosion resistance property. Its construction process is easier, leading to lower comprehensive cost.

4. Performing much better in low temperature conditions with good corrosion and impact resistance, the product can be buried in subsurface permafrost directly.

5. It has longer working life of 30 to 50 years. Correct installation and use can further lower the maintenance cost of the pipeline.

6. The functional alarm system can automatically detect the leakage fault in the tube network. Then fault location can be displayed accurately with automatic alarm.

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