Polyurethane/ PU Foam Insulating Pipe

Polyurethane/ PU Foam Insulating Pipe

Type LSAW Type
External Diameter 219-1422mm
Wall Thickness 6mm-60mm
Length sizing or according to the needs of customers
Material X42-X80, L245, Q235
Standard API 5L, ASTM, DIN, GB, API 5L PSL1/2
Package The product is painted, bundled, fitted with tube cap and processed with beveled edge. We can also have the product packed by following the requirements of customers.

The polyurethane foam insulating pipe is usually applied in chemical and medical equipment, boiler heating, shipbuilding as well as for transporting oil, water and natural gas, etc.

There is insulation layer outside of the pipeline of medium and small diameter for heat crude oil transportation or heat supply so as to reduce heat dissipation of pipeline to soil. The favorite thermal insulation material for the product is rigid polyurethane foam whose density is 60kg/m3 to 80kg/m3 and applicable temperature is -185℃ to 125℃. The thermal insulation material fills the gap between the steel tube and the outer sleeve fully. It has certain bonding strength and makes the steel tube, outer sleeve and thermal insulation layer form a solid whole.

The PU foam is characterized by good mechanical property and heat insulating property. In the normal conditions, it can bear the temperature of 120℃. After modification or combining with other thermal insulation material, the PU foam can be resistant to the temperature increased to 180℃.

1. Reduction of construction cost. According to estimates by the relevant department, the PU foam insulating pipe can cut down the construction cost by about 25% when using glass reinforced plastic as protective layer and 10% when using high density polyethylene as protective layer under general circumstances.

2. Low heat loss and energy conservation. The thermal conductivity of the PU is 0.013 to 0.03 kcal/m•h•℃, which is much lower than that of the commonly used pipeline heat preservation material in the past. The heat preservation effect is enhanced by 4 to 9 times. Moreover, the water absorption of the PU is very small of about 0.2kg/m2.

3. Good corrosion resistance, insulation performance and long service lifetime. The rigid PU foam insulating layer bonds outside of the steel tube tightly to eradicate the infiltration of air and water, which can exert excellent anticorrosion effect.

In line with the foreign information, as long as the water in the pipeline is treated finely, the PU foam insulating pipe can serve in a long time up to more than 50 years. Its working life is longer than that using trench laying and overhead installation methods by 3 to 4 times.

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