Different Laying and Embedment Method of Anticorrosion Steel Tube

The thermal insulated anti-corrosion steel pipe is a kind of product that can guarantee its inside temperature and surface temperature at the same time. Meanwhile, it supplies heat preservation and corrosion resistance measures to reduce or prevent the corrosion and deterioration of the outside medium owing to the chemical and electrochemical action, or the metabolic activity of the microorganism.

Five Working Performances
1. This product still has excellent resistance to corrosion and impact even under low temperatures. It can be directly buried in the ground.

2. The steel tube can be normally used for 30 to 50 years. The correct installation and use will minimize the maintenance costs of the pipe networks.

3. Attributed to the outstanding heat preservation ability, the heat loss of this product only accounts for 25% of that made by the traditional products. When used in a long run, our steel tube can save a lot of energy, thus remarkably decreasing the energy costs.

4. The warning system can automatically detect the leakage of the pipe network, accurately indicate the fault position and automatically emit the alarm.

5. Because of the strong ability against water and erosion, the steel tube can be directly embedded in the ground or water with no need of trench. For this reason, the construction is simple and convenient, as well as the comprehensive cost is very low. 

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