Different Laying and Embedment Method of Anticorrosion Steel Tube

HDPE steel jacket thermal insulated pipe is composed of steel tube, anticorrosion layer, heat preservation layer coupled with the compression resistant layer. If the product is used for ultrahigh temperature insualtion, a cooling layer will be added between the insulating layer and the anticorrosion layer.

The thermal insulated steel tube boasts little heat loss, great resistance to compression, water and corrosion, and so on. Its operation life is usually around 40 to 50 years. In comparison with the traditional pipelines laid in trenches, this kind of product has better heat preservation ability, simpler and more convenient installation, less space occupation, lower construction cost, shorter construction period, etc.

The steel pipe is especially unparalleled in energy saving. When the steel tube is directly buried with the depth of 1 meter, the temperature of the product will decrease by 0.1℃ for every 100m with the heat loss rate being 2.07%. Generally, 10.4 tons of standard coal can be saved by using one kilometer of thermal insulated steel tube annually. 

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